Never Settle

As my time here quickly dwindles before the move, I’ve been making my rounds, and spreading myself thin trying to spend time with everyone I love.  In turn, I don’t remember the last night that didn’t include drinks… plural.   I’m convinced my liver is going to give up on me before it’s time to leave.  My ex, Tyler and I had our last east coast dinner date last night.  We sat outside in the rain, because it’s summer, and why should anyone sit inside?  (“Because it’s raining” might have been a logical answer).  We ate, drank, laughed and danced around, as we always do on random dinner date nights.  We also had a serious moment.  He made me promise him one thing:  “Never settle.”  It’s a sentiment I share, and a promise I can keep.

Randomly came across this today, and loved it, so wanted to share.


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  1. Lauren
    Aug 09, 2013 @ 17:43:50

    Love this.



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