Poems of the Day

This poetry exchange has brought a whole new level of laughter to my day, but not because my Pittsburgh pen-pal is really holding up his end of the deal… It’s because the idea so ridiculous, writing it makes me pee my pants.  So I guess you could say, I’m really just entertaining myself.  And when I spend the majority of my day in my car by myself, myself being entertaining is very important.

Yesterday during my drive down to El Centro, I was catching up with my friend, Meg in NY.  Somehow my last poem came up in conversation, and she said she couldn’t stop laughing at it.  I told her it was harder than I thought, and the most difficult part was coming up with a subject, so I asked her to suggest one for my next poem, since it was my turn again.  She immediately gave me a keyword, and as soon as I got to the doctor’s office, I parked my car, pulled up my email, and got to work.  I sent it to my Pittsburgh pen-pal quickly, as I sat in the driver’s seat by myself shaking with laughter, because I knew if I thought about it for too long, I’d weird myself out and not send it.

There it stood so strong and tall
She thought to herself she was on a cloud
Right next to it there was a ball
Or two, or one, could be either or
The cat scurried about, wanting a look
But she locked him out; she wanted it all
The cat whined and scratched and clawed about
At the door that separated him from
That woman who did not know what was
About to help create another
And the cat, you see, would be the fourth
And this was not his hope and dream
But so it goes, he left to sip his cream

I shared it with Meg as soon as I sent it.  I asked, “Do you think it’s too weird?”

She responded, “It’s weird as hell, that’s why its amazing.”

He didn’t respond all day, but early this morning, I received this:

In front of him was a hill
He saw the challenge
It took his mind
It took his will
It created a savage
Pressing hard on the pedal
Scraping sounds of metal
He reached for the top
Only to reach the end, drop
Where was he
Where did the time go
Believes his purpose meant something
Only to see his loss
Everyone seeked him but he’s far gone now
Miss him, love him
He’s lost
Everyday is a memory
About his reach for the top
Follow his dream
You’ll find the drop
Only to be lost
Never ending top

I don’t think he’s taking this task with quite the same mindset.   I think I might need to find a new poetry pen-pal.  Or possibly a new hobby altogether.

In other news….

Well there isn’t much other news at all, is there?  I miss my cat.


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2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Meg
    Sep 18, 2013 @ 10:40:12

    Is he writing about death? in response to your poem about a ____ ? I love this juxtaposition.



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