Tinder, Tigers and Car-Ports, Oh My!

Apologies for my recent lack of blog posts.  My only real excuse can be that I’ve been busy searching for photos of tigers on Tinder.  In an attempt to keep you in the loop, I should update you on the fact that although Erin, our random couch-dweller has since moved on to bigger and better things, we now have a NEW couch-dweller, who we shall call Breezy.  Breezy, unlike Erin, was not a random from the start, but a friend.  She had a bit of a “falling out,” let’s call it, with her “roommate,” let’s call him, and decided to move out, so she needed a place to stay for a few weeks.  Our home’s renovated car-port, now a den has transformed into Breezy’s new abode, complete with a dresser, a queen-sized aero-bed, and a private entrance…

So that brings us back to Tinder (it always comes back to Tinder).  New to the single scene, Breezy has already become quite familiar with the app, and now three of us living in this house have been in full swiping-mode.  V and I realized a while back, that there’s an odd amount of guys with photos of themselves with tigers.  It’s become somewhat of a joke, and much of our time spent playing Tinder is solely as a “Tiger Hunt.”  During downtime at work, at home, at the gym, at the beach, and in local watering holes, as our fingers swipe away, we have been saving tiger photos and sending them to our group chat…. Just to prove the point of how overused they are.   Like where are all of these guys finding tigers?  Have they all gone to Asia?  Have VIP passes to the zoo?? Our roommate, T, who is in a relationship, therefore not on Tinder,  inadvertently gets thrown into these conversations on a regular basis as we’re all on the couch talking about tigers, and passing our phones down the line.  She commented yesterday,

“I wish there was a picture of one of these guys getting mauled by a tiger.”

Hmmm… that would at least spice it up a bit.  Along our tiger hunting journeys, we’ve also found some additional random gems that we’ve shared with each other.

If nothing else, our recent adventures on Tinder have been bringing humor to our otherwise routine work days.  I’m using this post just to share some of our most recent favs:



And the non-tiger Hall Of Fame:





Over and out for now, pumpkins.

xoxo… Gossip Girl


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