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This poetry exchange has brought a whole new level of laughter to my day, but not because my Pittsburgh pen-pal is really holding up his end of the deal… It’s because the idea so ridiculous, writing it makes me pee my pants.  So I guess you could say, I’m really just entertaining myself.  And when I spend the majority of my day in my car by myself, myself being entertaining is very important.

Yesterday during my drive down to El Centro, I was catching up with my friend, Meg in NY.  Somehow my last poem came up in conversation, and she said she couldn’t stop laughing at it.  I told her it was harder than I thought, and the most difficult part was coming up with a subject, so I asked her to suggest one for my next poem, since it was my turn again.  She immediately gave me a keyword, and as soon as I got to the doctor’s office, I parked my car, pulled up my email, and got to work.  I sent it to my Pittsburgh pen-pal quickly, as I sat in the driver’s seat by myself shaking with laughter, because I knew if I thought about it for too long, I’d weird myself out and not send it.

There it stood so strong and tall
She thought to herself she was on a cloud
Right next to it there was a ball
Or two, or one, could be either or
The cat scurried about, wanting a look
But she locked him out; she wanted it all
The cat whined and scratched and clawed about
At the door that separated him from
That woman who did not know what was
About to help create another
And the cat, you see, would be the fourth
And this was not his hope and dream
But so it goes, he left to sip his cream

I shared it with Meg as soon as I sent it.  I asked, “Do you think it’s too weird?”

She responded, “It’s weird as hell, that’s why its amazing.”

He didn’t respond all day, but early this morning, I received this:

In front of him was a hill
He saw the challenge
It took his mind
It took his will
It created a savage
Pressing hard on the pedal
Scraping sounds of metal
He reached for the top
Only to reach the end, drop
Where was he
Where did the time go
Believes his purpose meant something
Only to see his loss
Everyone seeked him but he’s far gone now
Miss him, love him
He’s lost
Everyday is a memory
About his reach for the top
Follow his dream
You’ll find the drop
Only to be lost
Never ending top

I don’t think he’s taking this task with quite the same mindset.   I think I might need to find a new poetry pen-pal.  Or possibly a new hobby altogether.

In other news….

Well there isn’t much other news at all, is there?  I miss my cat.


Gossip Girl

JR = Done… & Poems for Christian

JR went back to Amsterdam and forgot about me… on purpose.  What?!  You ask?  I asked the same thing.

He went from: “all up my ass,” if you will… to silence.  Knowing me, you’d know I don’t just take hints.  I need to GET TO THE BOTTOM OF IT.  So of course, after a week of radio silence, I straight out asked him what the H was going on.  He informed me that he stopped talking to me on purpose, because he wanted to see how he would feel without talking to me, to figure out if we were right for each other.

Well first of all, WTF, dude.  We’ve known each other for like 3 weeks.  Do you think you’re going to cry yourself to sleep every night in the absence of talking to me?  I don’t really think it works that way.  And secondly, that’s just RUDE.  If you decide you want to not speak to someone you’ve been seeing regularly, to see how you’re feeling, it would probably be the nice thing to do to INFORM ME beforehand that this is the tactic you’re taking, without me having to flat-out ask.

In any case, I let that whole thing linger for a couple of days because I was in Philly taking part in the wedding weekend extravaganza of the year and ain’t nobody got time fo’ that.   He could sit around and ponder all he wanted.

Then I got back to San Diego, and was like, that’s just absolutely ridiculous.  When you first meet someone you should WANT to talk to them, if it’s ever going to go anywhere…and THIS is the problem with online dating.  It’s all so backwards.  You question everything right off the bat, instead of trying to pursue each other because you LIKE each other.

So I wrote him a nice long message telling him basically that I’d make the decision easier for everyone, and say we’re probably not right for each other, so stop your long hard thinking, and we will both move on.  I ALSO told him, that he is approaching finding a wife like a business deal, and he needs to stop over-analyzing and just relax and let things happen if he ever wants to be in a real relationship.  I told him what he was doing was exhausting and backwards, and off-putting.  I also told him his tactic of ignoring me instead of communicating what he was doing was a dick move.  He agreed on all accounts.  So to make this extremely long story short (or is it too late for that?)… ON TO THE NEXT ONE.

Which was last night, and so boring and awful that I’m not even going to talk about him.

Also, I woke up this morning and wrote that Tinder guy a weird poem that didn’t make any sense:

Questions still hanging, blowing in the air
Running, ducking, crouching behind the tree
The old woman still breathes,
The children outside shout with glee
The cat purrs in rhythm with the ticking
Of the old mans pocket watch
As he watches his wife struggle for air
The trees have turned red, and orange and brown
Burnt colors of autumn, but the man just stares
At the memory of a woman once filled with joy
She now has not even a tear
The cat shuts his eyes, thinks of the boy
Who once kept the woman laughing in the chair
No laughter, no more
The pocket watch ticks and ticks and ticks

Instead of him responding to my poem with another poem, he wrote:

“Not sure what this is about, but I like the poem.”

I then responded:  ” You’re supposed to reply with one.  Isn’t that how this works?”

Then I got this:

“Is what we do normal
is it so informal
That in my life
I go unrecognized
By the sounds of vally
I here now testify
That I will not live a lie
Fear will never draw me shy
It’s going to be alright
Give it everything, fight.
Sing to to highlands
Dance to seasons
Show your passions
Lay your foundation
Bring our town
To a new recognition
Sing to the highlands
Dance to the seasons
Give me me 4 reasons to sing this song”



and…. “I wrote this for my buddies band. “
Well that’s not really fair.  I wrote mine on the fly.  But whatever.  Then he wrote:
“It’s been a lil while since we spoke. Sorry. I’m totally
game to pursue what I said before. Thanks for the very nice poem. Ill
keep sending more. Looking forward to this :)”
I started out on the conservative side I guess.  I also don’t know how to write poems.   So he doesn’t think I’m weird yet?  Maybe I’ll stick to short stories…  I think that was one of the options he gave me in his last message….
I suppose I should wrap this up.  It’s almost time to start my trek down to Mexico.  Well, the border.  Ugh.  It’s so HOT there.  Catch ya on the flip side 😉
xoxo Gossip Girl

Tinder Me Crazy

I somehow matched with a guy from Pittsburgh.  Once we realized this, he asked if I believed that anything could happen if you wanted it badly enough?  I said, yes, I do believe that… .  But he was getting at something revolving around continuing this conversation from across the country which I had obviously zero interest in.   Wanting someone I don’t know from a hole in the wall,  who lives in Pittsburgh, is just an absolutely preposterous idea.  So I felt like lying and taking back my answer.  He asked if I wanted to keep in touch, and I just didn’t respond because I had no interest in having a pen pal that I don’t know.  THEN…. I got THIS message.  The.Best.Message.EVER.


I read it.  Then I read it again.  Then I took it over to V, and read it to her.  I asked her, “What do you even SAY to that???”

She suggested, “And also with you?”

Then I read it again.  And I decided this is a BRILLIANT excuse to start writing really strange poetry and sending it to someone.  I am going to be so weird, it’s not even funny.  And he asked for it.

The next day, I showed it to Carissa… and watched as she read it in horror.  I asked, “What would you respond to that??”

She says, “And also with you?”

I think these two share a brain (but I have to admit, it crossed my mind as well).

So the fun begins… I can’t wait to begin my first email poem or short story.  But I really wish I could see his reaction when he receives it.   MUUUAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAA.

I can’t tell if I’m awake or asleep right now, so I’m going to shut my eyes and figure it out.  This week is draining.  Is it Friday yet??


Gossip Girl


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