A Weekend of Weird… Part I of II [Friday]

Every once in a while you just have the random, weird weekend that you know you’ll end up thinking about for a long time to come.  This was one of those weekends.

I guess I should have known it was going to be weird before it even started.  I’m pretty sure I drank too much caffeine on Friday, and my roommate, V was in a really enabling mood.  We had a date to go get smoothies at my favorite smoothie place before work.  I’ve become legitimately addicted to the Blueberry Muffin smoothie from Herbalife.  I think they might put crack in it.  And it doesn’t hurt that the guy who runs the smoothie shop by my house is pretty sexual.  I’ve made it a pretty regular routine to visit this smoothie shop during the week, on the weekends, whenever I get a chance.  I’ve brought my sister and all of my roommates on multiple trips.  I was actually nervous the smoothie guy would think I was going there specifically to see HIM, which wasn’t the case, so I passed it by a couple of times without stopping, worried he might think I’m a stalker.  Funny thing is, one time I took my roommates T and Brie in there and they both recognized him.  Turned out he was engaged to one of Brie’s friends from home.  This caused confusion.

“I don’t believe he’s engaged… we talk ALL of the time and he has NEVER mentioned a fiancée.”

T says, “What the hell do you think he’s going to say??  ‘My FIANCEE’s favorite smoothie flavor is….'”

Good point, I guess, but we had multiple conversations about being from NY, what we were doing for the holidays, weekend plans, etc… etc… etc… and I feel like he could have slipped in SOME mention of a fiancée.  He had so many chances.

Brie took out her phone one night to prove he was engaged, and pulled up her friend from home on Facebook.  Flipped to an obvious engagement photo, handed the phone over and asked, “Is this him?”

There was no question… it was him.  I continued to go to the smoothie shop and have extensive convos with the smoothie guy, wondering if he’d ever mention her, but he never did.

During my trip home to NY last weekend, I got a group text from V and T:  “At the Fox and smoothie guy is here.  He does NOT have a gf or fiancée anymore.  Single and living w Craigslist roommates.”


Muuuahahahhaahaha.  I KNEW he was too nice to be keeping a secret from his most loyal customer.  T ended up meeting him and his friends out the next night too, and friend-requested him a couple of days later so we could do some better stalkage.  Having this mutual friend connection became dangerous.

Back to Friday… V and I went to get a smoothie in the morning.  With plans to find out Smoothie’s weekend plans.  The place was closed.  I was mad.  It’s always open on Fridays.  V suggested that maybe it was just too early… we usually go later in the day… and also mentioned she didn’t mind they were closed because she forgot to put makeup on anyway.   So we went about our business and reconvened after I was done with work to try again.  CLOSED.  Mad.  In smoothie withdrawal and now we had no idea what the Smoothie Guy would be doing for the weekend.  Bad. News.

We’re on our way back home and V suggests I send him a FB message.  So I obviously did.  I found him through T’s friend list and told him I thought it was rude that he was closed, and he knew I needed my fix.  He responded promptly.  We had a conversation for a bit, but it didn’t go anywhere.  And he told me what his plans were, but with no suggestion to meet up, so I just let it go.

V and I sat on the couch and started watching a DVR’ed episode of Millionaire Matchmaker from the night before.  I watched, while whining that I was getting antsy, I had too much caffeine, and that I wanted to go out to Happy Hour.

“Court, it’s barely 5pm!!!!”

Ughhhhh…. So I sat.  And watched.  The episode featured a 41-year-old millionaire from San Diego.  Who happened to be super cute.  And they happened to mention his last name throughout the episode.  So when it ended, I happened to look him up, happened to request a connection on LinkedIn, and then happened to located his Facebook page.  I told V I was going to send him a message and she rolled her eyes.  I wrote a message and clicked “send,” and Facebook notified me that my message would go to a box labeled “other” instead of to his regular inbox, unless I wanted to pay a dollar.

“I have to pay a dollar to send this guy a regular message?!”


“I don’t know… but I’m just gonna do it.  Otherwise he’ll never get it.”

“I hope the dollar goes to charity.”

“Nope.  It went to Facebook.”


It wasn’t til later when V asked what I wrote.  I told her and she just stared at me for several seconds before responding, “I really wish you had asked me before sending that message.  I wouldn’t have let you send that.”


A couple of hours later when a few of us were in a cab on our way out, my phone lit up with a Facebook notification.  Friend request from the Millionaire.  Followed promptly with a response to my message.  Followed by an inquiry about what I was doing for the rest of the weekend.  I was busy  [which will be part II of II of this weekend post].

Millionaire gave me his phone number and asked me to text him.  In yo FACE, V.  My dorky message was a grand success.  He texted a couple of times over the weekend and asked me to go out for a drink soon.  I nonchalantly agreed.  Then I watched his episode again.

He seems boring.  Over it.

Weekend to be continued……….

xoxo Gossip Girl

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